Free Liturgical Music Archive
Courtesy of Felipe M. L. Gasper

The files available from this directory are legal editions of music used (or at least once intended to be used) at St. John's Catholic Chapel in Champaign, IL, USA. To the best of my knowledge, these files are all legal editions of their respective pieces. I have made this directory available because, over the course of my work at St. John's as a music director, I found it useful to create editions of these pieces that were more legible and more easily reproduced than the photocopies of handwritten editions that were in popular use at the time. In general, these editions preserve the original notation as much as possible, while taking account of "performance practice" as I observed during my time at St. John's, which was roughly from January 1999 to January 2003.

The files within the "9pm" directory are, with one exception, my own compositions. They are liturgical settings of the Kyrie, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, and Agnus Dei that I used with the 9:00pm Sunday choir at St. John's while I directed it. My intent in composing these pieces was to fill a need in contemporary Catholic liturgical music for music that is gratifying to sing and sufficiently challenging for an average church choir while retaining authentic Liturgical texts and the ability of congregations to sing this music easily and prayerfully. They are free to be used in Catholic worship services; if you would like to use them for other purposes, you must contact me first. The one piece in this directory that is not my own is the Sirvatka Alleluia, which is, at the time of this writing, the setting that the 9pm choir is currently singing.

These files were all created with Finale 2001a. If you have problems viewing or printing them, or any other comments about the contents of this directory, let me know.

Some notes:

Beck's "Our Father": The first edition listed is a "true to the original" edition of the handwritten edition that floated around St. John's during my time there. While some texts are changed for reasons of suitability for Catholic liturgy, the original words and rhythms are given as an ossia. The second edition contains another small words change (again, with original words as an ossia) as well as what I consider to be improved voice-leading in the choral harmonies. (It is notable that none of the harmonies in either edition are Beck's; he wrote only a melody with chords.)

"I Love You, Lord": To the best of my knowledge, this tune is not copyrighted such that distribution of arrangements like this is prohibited. If you can verify that this is not the case, please let me know, and I will remove the piece from this site once I have confirmed to a sufficient degree that I may not do so legally.

Changes made to files after they were put up:

2 October 2002 (all-sirv.pdf)
Changed date of the Sirvatka Alleluia from 1990 to c1982 on advice of Jim Judge

9 October 2002 (9pm/choir/ma+am-cr.pdf)
Fixed a discrepancy between the full-score & choir editions of the 9pm Memorial Acclamation

18 October 2002 (9pm/sanctus.pdf)
Fixed a couple cosmetic issues w/ the opening of the 9pm Sanctus

5 November 2002 (choir/al-srv-c.pdf)
Corrected dates in choir edition of the Sirvatka Alleluia to correspond with changes made to "full score"

5 November 2002
Added links to Sirvatka Alleluia from the 9pm directory: full, midi, & choir

20 December 2002
Minor voice-leading corrections/changes in "I Love You, Lord"