Felipe M. L. Gasper



Felipe M. L. Gasper is a professional computer programmer specializing in web development.

He is skilled as a programmer in Perl, PHP, Javascript, SQL, Python, Postscript, C, C++, and Pascal, in addition to HTML, CSS, XML, W3C DOM, Microsoft ASP, and related technologies. He is familiar with most common UNIX-land server daemons and applications (Apache, sendmail, CUPS, etc.) and is equally at home in UNIX and Microsoft Windows environments.

Felipe is currently an employee of cPanel, Inc., a leading supplier of web hosting software. Additionally, he works on retainer for the University of Illinois Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, maintaining a web-based database application for internal use. He also has designed ASP/XML-based web sites for the choral department and the Tangeman Sacred Music Center at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music as well as a database front-end for OSI-model layer 2 and 3 networking data at the University of Illinois.

He maintains a couple useful Javascript routines (general utilities, networking routines) that are of use to web developers, in addition to what is probably the world’s most flexible and extensive Javascript library for HTML table manipulation. (Click here to see a demo!) In addition, he maintains a web-based Latin IPA transcriber written in PHP.

He has contributed to open-source projects “IE7” and CPAN’s “Mail::Sendmail” module.

This web site is of Felipe’s creation.

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